iBIOS Systems "The Reservation Revelation"

The Complete Hospitality Solution for UK Businesses.

iBIOS ('I Book In Online Solutions'), is a pioneering alternative to existing methods of online asset management and promotion.
Combining game changing software systems, an innovative guest portal and custom API for availability integration, iBIOS' simple, logical and affordable solution is preparing to redefine an industry.

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Revolutionary Software

A set of groundbreaking desktop and mobile web apps allow you to seamlessly manage not only your bookable assets, but your whole business! The iBIOS Software Solution can revolutionise the way you work...

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Web Site API

Do you want to take your bookings from your web site? With the iBIOS API you can use our systems and your data to display availability and take bookings directly from your own, bespoke web site - at no additional cost!

Finally - a Fair OTA Model!

Why do OTAs take a percentage of your booking fees? Do they work harder to sell a £150 room than they do a £50 one? We don't think so.
Therefor, we don't charge commission for on-line bookings...

What is iBIOS

iBIOS was conceived by Hoteliers to solve a problem. It is a simple, integrated solution that manages all aspects of the day to day running of a hotel or restaurant business. A solution that makes your availability data available to your own web site, and to a separate, customised OTA Site built around the iBIOS Data Store.

Because the same data is used online and front of house, updates to either are virtually instantaneous. No need to update your stock on several 3rd party sites every time you take a booking - simply taking that booking does the update for you.

iBIOS has modules that manage the availability of:

  • Guest Rooms
  • Restaurant Tables
  • Function Rooms
  • Salon / Spa Appointments

These modules are integrated, so if you book a walk in guest (for example), iBIOS knows you will probably have one less free table to advertise at dinner...

iBIOS also understands, and supports, chains. It allows you to manage multiple premises from one account. You can share files, send messages, grant or restrict access to individual properties on a 'per user' basis, and more.

But that's only half the story. Other important features include:

  • Staff Management
  • Online File Storage and basic editing
  • An e-mail client and internal message system
  • Cash Up and End of Day
  • News and Promotion Management
  • Social Network Integration
  • Detailed reporting and analysis
  • Plus many more...

You can find out more about our innovative and game changing software solutions on our Software Page.

What's the Catch?..

Well, we're happy to announce - there isn't one!

iBIOS charges a minimal, one off payment to join the system (no regular subscriptions*). We then have a small, single rate admin charge for each booking closed out by the iBIOS Software. For example, we charge just £1 per room booking (regardless of the value of that booking), and just 25p for each restaurant table bill over £7. There's no charge for bills under £7, and this excludes bills for current Residential Guests.

That's it... Simple, fair and affordable.

We don't charge percentage based commission because we aim to boost your business - not rob from it...

iBIOS is currently in closed testing, but you can register your support for our project goals and sign up for the early adoption program by visiting our Launch Page.